Lyra (2019, 2 mins) for voice and guitar


hacia una góndola negra/frios reflejos de bronce (2019, 12 mins) for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano ,violin, and cello

Premiered by Continuum, directed by Brian Current, March 30, 2019, the Music Gallery, Toronto


l’œ (2018, 30+ mins) for clarinet, violin, piano, and sine tones

Premiered by Nathan Friedman, clarinet, Emily MacCallum, violin, and Daniel Brandes, piano, May 16 2018, James Bay United Church, Victoria


Hook Stern Facet (2017, 8 mins) for piano

Premiered by Laura How, piano, June 3 2018, St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Victoria


jadis barbare et matériel extérieur (2017, 2 mins) for piccolo and trumpet

Premiered by Sierra Phosy, piccolo and Emily McDermid, trumpet, October 6 2017, Church of Truth, Victoria


Efflorescence (2017, 12 mins) for double flute trio

Premiered by Cooper Reed, Jasmine Riseley, Jillian Broughton, Alanna Kazdan, Bailey Finley, Sierra Phosy, flutes, October 6 2017, Church of Truth, Victoria


Episodes (2017, 10 mins) for clarinet, violin, and piano (collaboration with Marlena Pellegrino and Kelsey Rideout)

Premiered by Nathan Friedman, clarinet/performer, Marlena Pellegrino, violin/performer, Kelsey Rideout, piano/performer, Salle de récital, Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec, Montreal, QC


das Baby (2015-2016, 15 mins) for soprano saxophone and live electronics

Premiered by Erik Abbink, soprano saxophone and Nathan Friedman, electronics, September 30 2016, Open Space, Victoria


mais elle a suivi au cimetière. (2016, 9 mins) for baritone saxophone and four double basses

Premiered by Erik Abbink, baritone saxophone and the Bassinova Quartet, July 7 2016, St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Victoria


Die Kunst der Funk (2016, 9 mins) for rock band

Premiered by Nolan Krell, electric guitar; Dave Riedstra, electric bass; Liam Gibson, electric piano; Tristan Holleufer, Keenan Mittag-Degala, drums, April 28 2016, The Copper Owl, Victoria


«la double à remplir…» (Doina)  (2015, 3 mins) for flute and electronics

Premiered by Mark McGregor, flute, October 16 2015, Open Space, Victoria


Music for Strings, Percussion and Electric Guitar (2014, 12 mins)

Premiered by Elena Chidlowsky, piano; Chris Cretella, electric guitar; Ben Zucker, Richard Choe, Tim Gaylord, percussion; Matthew Stein, Gabriel Kastelle, Julius Thor Bjornson, violins, Dina Maccabee, viola, Vivian Deng, cello, Harim Jung, contrabass, April 27 2014, Crowell Concert Hall, Wesleyan University


Glaucous (2014, 11 mins) for string quintet (also version for string orchestra, 2015)

Premiered by Matthew Stein, Gabriel Kastelle, Julius Thor Bjornson, violins; Dina Maccabee, viola; Vivian Deng, cello, Harim Jung, contrabass, April 27 2014, Crowell Concert Hall, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT


Four Domestics (2013-2014, 7 mins) for voice and piano, text by F.R. Scott

I and II premiered by Stephanie Lavon Trotter and Nathan Friedman, October 17 2013, CFA Hall, Wesleyan University; III and IV premiered by Stephanie Lavon Trotter and Ben Zucker, April 27 2014, Crowell Concert Hall, Wesleyan University


«Feu froid» (Hommage à Iannis Xenakis) (2013, 6 mins) for baritone, contrabass clarinet, flugelhorn and trombone, text by Iannis Xenakis

Premiered by loadbang ensemble, December 9 2013, CFA Hall, Wesleyan University


Internecine (2013, 5 mins) for two clarinets

Premiered by Nathan Friedman and Sean Sonderegger, September 27 2013, Grant Recital Hall, Brown University, Providence, RI

Video of Premiere


La synagogue stérile (2012, 6 mins) for soprano, tuba, vibraphone, harp, accordion, viola and contrabass, text by Nostradamus

Premiered by Anne Rhodes, soprano; Ben Klein, tuba; Bill Solomon, vibraphone; Maura Valenti, harp; John Biatowas, viola; Carl Testa, contrabass, December 11 2012, CFA Hall, Wesleyan University


Incoronazione (2012, 6 mins) for clarinet

Premiered by Nathan Friedman, November 6 2012, CFA Hall, Middletown, CT


Incarnadine (2012, 10 mins) for three clarinets

Commissioned and premiered by the Vancouver Clarinet Trio: Kate Frobeen, Shawn Earle, Liam Hockley, clarinets, October 19 2012, Canadian Music Centre BC, Vancouver


Drinks Popular Among Girls in the 80s (2012, 4 mins) for baritone and piano, text by Shannon Rayne

Premiered by Michael Robert-Broder, baritone and Corey Hamm, piano. June 8 2012, Orpheum Annex, Vancouver


For the Seven Lakes (2012, rev. 2013, 3 mins) for SATB chorus with optional piano, text by Ezra Pound

Premiered by Via Choralis directed by Nicholas Fairbank with Braden Young, piano. April 21 2012, First Unitarian Church of Victoria


HER&HIS/ZAG&ZIG b) (2011, 2 mins) for trombone

Premiered by Aubrey Kelly, trombone, October 15 2011, Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, UVic


HER&HIS/ZAG&ZIG a) (2011, 2 mins) for trombone

Premiered by Lynne Penhale, trombone, February 14 2015, St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Victoria


 φ ↓ ψ or Joint Denial or Neither/Nor (2010-11, 2o mins) for ensemble

Premiered by Alex Richards, tenor sax; Aubrey Kelly, Matt Kelly, Justin Boechler, Tim Pearce, trombones; Brooke Wiliken, Colin Holser, pianos; Kimberley Shepherd, piano assistant; Stefan Maier, electric guitar; Alexei Paish, Jay Schreiber, percussion; Alex Rempel, contrabass; Alex Jang, conductor, March 26 2011, Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, UVic


Six Popular Songs after Lawrence Durrell (2009-2010, 15 mins) for voice and piano

Movements I, III, IV & VI premiered by Claire Stewart, soprano; Connor Ashton and Jamie Hook, piano, March 7 2011, Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, UVic


Loops from Broken Lies (2010, variable duration) for piano

Premiered by Kimberley Shepherd, piano, October 2010, Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, UVic


An Answer to a Question You Hadn’t Thought to Ask (2010, variable duration), open instrumentation

Premiered by Connor Ashton, piano, February 2010, SFU Theatre, Burnaby


Broken Lies (2010, 19 mins) for speaker, ensemble and tape, text by Paul Haines

Premiered in Iain Gillis, speaker; Scott MacInnes, trombone; Stefan Maier, electric guitar; Daniel Brandes, piano; Mason Koenig, percussion; Spring Burke, violin; Chantal Bian, cello; Connor Ashton, turntable; Alex Jang, conductor, March 2010, Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, UVic


Rough and Ready (2009, 2 mins) for saxophone quartet

Premiered by Jeff Poynter, soprano sax; Ashton Nesbeth alto sax; Alex Richards, tenor sax; Brad Justason baritone sax, March 2011, Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, UVic


Prime Time (2009, variable duration) for at least four pairs of bassists and prompters.


Three Pieces for String Quartet (2006 – 7 mins)


Chaconne (After Liszt) (2005, 7 mins) for clarinet and piano

Premiered by Nathan Friedman, clarinet and Daniela O’Fee, piano, March 2007, Southwest Community Baptist Church, Kamloops